Creative Lab

Creative Lab is a five day workshop intended for performance practitioners to reawaken and reinvigorate creativity, passion and imagination in their craft. The aim is to extend an understanding about how to train as a creative, thinking, performer.

The Lab has been developed in response to 5 exploratory questions which may be seen as central to performer training. We draw on a wide range of methodologies and influences including Viewpoints, and the work of Meyerhold, Grotowski, Michael Chekhov and Stanislavski. 

The Lab is of benefit to existing acting & training practitioners as well as those who are still in training.

All sessions are run by practitioners with extensive experience teaching on  BA & MA vocational actor training courses.

If you want to reserve a place or ask for further information on Creative Lab then email us:

The cost of the 5 day workshop is £180. A place will be reserved on the Lab once a deposit of half the total amount has been paid.


1. How can we enable awareness, mutuality & synchronicity in our work?

2. How can we use the body to create meaning?

3. How can we use the voice to create meaning?

4. What is the relationship between a proscriptive physical score and spontaneity for the actor?

5. How can we layer image and text to create a dialogue with the environment?


'Actors need a safe place to practice their art, in a space in which to do this, possible opportunities to create work with other like minded people. It's also important that there are companies out there offering opportunities for training as well as performance. The Brighton Laboratory is offering all of these elements. The training is of the highest quality. Their ability to organise and create this opportunity to many actors should not be overlooked.

Nuala Cavanagh - actress participating in a CREATIVE LAB workshop


'Working with like minded people has stimulated my creativity and enriched me as a performer and as a teacher. Keeping my skills as an artist exercised helps me to transfer my enthusiasm and the newly gathered ideas into the classroom for my students'

Sally Best, GCSE Drama teacher, participant in a CREATIVE LAB workshop