Toolbox Lab

'I have realised that through the use of some seemingly simple, physically engaging techniques, I have reached a new understanding of how to access and develop the delivery of text. These are exciting times for me - yet somehow I feel a hint of sadness that I have been out of training/exploring/develping for so long...but it is marvellous to be collaborating again.'

David Bere, GCSE & FE Drama teacher



The Toolbox lab is a series of training days designed for drama teachers and artists interested in discovering how they might work in an educational context.

These training days will be curriculum focused and offer all those working in drama education a new set of tools for their teaching. This may be a different approach to teaching Shakespeare, physical, mask or devised theatre, or a focus on particular methodologies or practitioners. As well as the existing Labs that we have already created, there is plenty of space for a Lab to be constructed and tailored around your own particular needs.

If you are interested in a Toolbox Lab then get in touch with us: